The journey of Kasagi is marked by numerous milestones, each one taking us a step closer to our goal of transforming the anime industry.  As we navigate the complexities of partnering with other anime companies and maintaining the enduring spirit of AM amidst our strategic rebrand to Kasagi, we've been met with challenges that only fuel our determination. Today, we offer a comprehensive recap of our townhall meeting held on June 30th, detailing our accomplishments, ongoing projects, and exciting future plans. Join us as we walk you through these significant developments that define our collective journey.

[fs-toc-h2]Quick Recap

Recently, Kasagi has marked some key milestones. We've extended our network and bolstered our presence in the anime industry by participating in Japan's largest Anime Expo. We've also launched the Supernova single burn, encouraging Soulmate holders to evolve their assets to Supernova for enhanced Kasagi utilities. In our commitment to innovation, we've unveiled the Kasagi Hub, a unified platform that allows users to view, manage, stake, and showcase their Kasagi collection, with more features slated for gradual introduction. Finally, we successfully wrapped up Season 1 of our Interact-to-Win reward system, where holders got to engage in events, accrue points, and redeem rewards from a substantial $6000 prize pool.

Quick Recap


Kasagi tech team had been working diligently on several upcoming features. We're preparing to introduce Supernova Rebirth in Q3, a feature that will allow both male and female Supernova Soulmate holders to upgrade their traits. Simultaneously, we're gearing up to resume our staking system afterward, which had been paused for migration. We will also be introducing new staking rewards! All staking activities until the system's reactivation will be recorded, though unstaking will lead to the forfeiture of all staked day records. These initiatives represent our ongoing commitment to providing value and enhancing experiences for our community.

In-development Features

[fs-toc-h2]Culture of collaborating with Anime Companies

A noteworthy part of our project involves navigating collaborations with anime companies. These partnerships, while exciting, come with their fair share of complexities due to strict copyright rules and long approval processes. We shared that these realities can influence the pace of our progress, but our commitment remains unwavering. We hope everyone can be patient and be understanding on this.

[fs-toc-h2]New Communication Channel

To enhance communication, we're initiating monthly townhall meetings for community updates, discussions, and future plans. Although NDAs may limit some disclosures, we'll answer as comprehensively as possible without contract breaches. Meeting notes will be shared in our Discord server and sent via newsletters post-meetings to keep everyone informed. For any further questions, feel free to join our Discord channel #ask-anything.

[fs-toc-h2]Strategic Rebrand from AM to Kasagi

The Rebranding Reason

One significant announcement that we shared is the strategic rebrand from AM to Kasagi. This isn't merely a name change; it forms part of our broader long-term strategy. We want the transition to Kasagi to be linked with exciting news, thus making it a memorable moment for everyone.

AM Core Vision Remains

Importantly, AM isn't going anywhere. The rebranding does not alter our goals: building a community of anime lovers, enabling people to have ownership in anime creation, and transforming the anime industry. AM is still continuing to form connections and make itself known in the anime industry and will be able to show everyone the fruits of our labour in the near future.

AM Core Vision Remains

Dual Focus Issues with AM

We acknowledged that AM's previous dual focus - attempting to cater to both anime industry partners and the Web3 anime community - diluted our effectiveness and created brand identity issues. To tackle this, we've decided to separate our B2B and B2C entities.

Introduction of Kasagi Labo
Thus, Kasagi Labo was born as a dedicated B2B (Business-to-Business) entity. This enables Kasagi Labo to maintain a clear and consistent brand voice within the anime industry, focus on its B2B audience, and build strong relationships with Japanese anime studios, IP owners, and artists.

Kasagi's B2C Focus

Meanwhile, Kasagi, formerly AM, is wholly dedicated to our NFT audience, functioning as a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) brand. With this focused approach, we can concentrate our efforts on providing experiences, products, and utilities tailored for the web3 anime community.

Role of Kasagi Studio

At the heart of Kasagi's B2C strategy is Kasagi Studio. Here, we're developing our own IPs, which will be transformed into physical merchandise. Additionally, we're collaborating with Japanese anime IPs to produce merchandise for your favorite animes.

Kasagi Businesses

[fs-toc-h2]Holders’ Utilities

Even though our products are still in development, we're designing utilities around the Kasagi ecosystem. One recent highlight is our collaboration with the Japanese anime IP, 'Serial Experiments Lain'. More information is available on our Discord channel #am-projects.

[fs-toc-h2]Community Events: Season 2 of Interact-to-Win

Season 1 of Interact-to-Win has been a phenomenal success! All prizes, from tier 1 to tier 3, have been claimed, including entry tickets for the final duck race! Our engagement has increased not only in Discord, but Twitter as well. The 'Interact-to-Win' (I2W) reward system is a fun and engaging way to incentivize participation in our project. Season 2 of Interact-to-Win brings a three-month cross-server engagement featuring major and minor events, expanding its community and prize pool. Major events will not only include the Kasagi community but also welcome other communities from other projects as well. Minor events include AMAs and talks on varied topics, open to all server members, with opportunities for community-led discussions. More announcements to come in the Discord server.

Closing Remarks

As we conclude this townhall recap, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support and involvement in the Kasagi journey. We'd like to remind our Soulmate holders to evolve their soulmate character to a Supernova character. This transformation allows you to continue enjoying the benefits from our ecosystem, from our own IPs to anime IP partnerships. Stay tuned for our latest updates and join us for the next townhall session on Discord on July 28th. Along with great discussions, holders have a chance to win a Supernova in our monthly raffle. See you there!