In this recap, we provide an overview of Kasagi's recent town hall meeting, highlighting critical updates and developments. The town hall has announced the closure of the Supernova Burning Event, and shared our growth across different business sectors. Major topics included developments in our NFT sector, the launch of our new phone case line “SODA”, and updates to our executive team.

[fs-toc-h2]Supernova Burning Event: Final Call

Supernova Burning Event

The Supernova Burning Event will end on September 30th. Access to the burning portal will be shut down after this date. After this day, only 2D Supernovas will be able to enjoy future Kasagi utilities. 

  • Our transition to 2D is more than just an image change, it's a strategic alignment with our mission to strengthen the bond between the anime community and its creators. 
  • Transitioning to 2D offers more opportunities for content distribution, easier recreation, and broader possibilities in the anime industry.
  • Read more about Supernova here.


Kasagi Businesses Overview

Kasagi's Supernova Rebirth Progress

We have completed the male Supernova artwork for the “Supernova Rebirth” event, where Supernova holders are able to update their Supernovas in the future. However, it's important for our community to know that the rollout for the “Supernova Rebirth” event may not be as quick as we'd like due to resource constraints and a focus on scaling other aspects of our business.

Kasagi’s SKF NFT Progress

Progress on our Special Kid Factory (SKF) NFT collection is moving steadily, but we want to set expectations that the full launch won't happen quickly. At our next town hall, we will share some exclusive sneak peeks to give our holders a closer look. This project is under the capable hands of Tony Izumi, CEO of Kasagi Labo Japan, whose expertise in anime production is bringing a unique approach to the collection. Importantly, we want to clarify that this isn't merely a PFP collection, we plan on integrating interactive elements that will add substantial value and fun to these NFTs.

Gachapon Season 2: The Bon Odori

Moving on to Gacha, we are now transitioning from the "Starcrane" theme to an all-new "Bon Odori" theme for Season 2. All your tickets (Starcrane Crystals) and rewards are retaining their original functionalities. Detailed information about this transition and the official launch will be shared in our next article.

Kasagi’s premium phone case line, SODA

Simultaneously, Kasagi Studio is branching out by launching a premium phone case line. We're proud to reveal that these phone cases will feature officially licensed anime artwork, commencing with the Supernova designs as the first pilot series.

[fs-toc-h2]AI Lain Update: Subscription-based AI Service

AI Lain

Due to the market situation, the IP owner and Kasagi have made a strategic decision to indefinitely pause our initial Lain NFT project temporarily. As a replacement, AI Lain, a subscription-based service featuring an AI Lain character that evolves through interactions with subscribers. The community’s engagement will actively contribute to the character's personality and actions, effectively creating a unique AI entity owned collectively by its user base.

[fs-toc-h2]AFA Singapore 2023

AFA Singapore 2023

We will jointly set up a booth with our Japanese partner, Anique at the AFA SG (Anime Festival Asia Singapore) 2023. But the spotlight won't be on Kasagi alone; we will be proudly introducing the SODA line. We are going above and beyond to create an engaging user experience, with activities like timed raffles and exclusive merchandise giveaways. Additionally, if you are a NFT holder in Singapore, you will enjoy the privilege of expedited entry, bypassing the long general queues. 

[fs-toc-h2]Leadership Update: Meet Our New CFO

CFO - Voo Chih Yeong

We're elated to welcome Voo Chih Yeong to our executive team as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Chih Yeong's 27-year career in strategic financial planning and business development makes him an invaluable addition to our team as we navigate this phase of rapid growth and diversification.

[fs-toc-h2]LinkedIn Social Media: Expanding Our Digital Footprint


To build more robust online engagement and industry credibility, we have initiated our Corporate LinkedIn page. This platform will serve as an additional channel for professional updates, partnerships, and industry-related discussions. We invite everyone to follow our page here!

[fs-toc-h2] Event Collaboration with Denkadenkaden

Paradis Mystery Event

For the month of September, we have something special for the community. We're collaborating with Denkadenkaden on the “Paradis Mystery Event”, a unique competition with anime theme for the otakus. Running from September 1st through 8th, this event will present a series of challenges that culminate in an array of prizes, ranging from NFTs to high-quality “AoT” anime merchandise.

Closing Remarks

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Kasagi. We have an exciting journey ahead and we're thrilled to have you with us every step of the way.