[fs-toc-h2]Unveiling Season 2 Gachapon: Bon Odori - A Symphony of Dance, Drums, and Rewards

Introducing Season 2 Gachapon: Bon Odori, following our successful Season 1 Gachapon: Starcrane. Season 1 items retain full functionality in Season 2, now with a visual upgrade to align with the new theme.

Immerse yourself in the festival's vibrant heart at the Bon Odori Dance Stage. Hang your lanterns below the stage and the Taiko Drummers and Bon Dancers will come alive for you. As the beats fade and the dance concludes, find yourself showered with rewards. Let your lantern illuminate the dance, setting the stage for the festival's generous blessings. Await the rhythm of the drums, the sway of the dancers, and embrace the rewards that dance their way into your hands!

  • Dolls have $ANIMA inside them.
  • Combine 3 foods to get one guardian.
  • Use a booster to enhance your probability of getting a rarer guardian.
  • Bonbox contains NFTs and Japan trips.
  • Merchandise can be claimed now.

Play now: hub.kasagi.ai/gacha

[fs-toc-h2]Bon Odori Lanterns

The "lanterns" serve as your tickets to play the Gachapon.

  • Raw Lantern allows you to collect common items during the Bon Odori event
  • Prime Lantern will elevate your chances to obtain exclusive items during the Bon Odori event

[fs-toc-h2]Festival Dolls

Previously known as "Starbursts", the new Festival Dolls have been crafted with care to embody the cultural richness of the Bon Odori festival. Each doll contains a portion of $ANIMA, resonating with the festival's joyous rhythm. Here's the list of festival dolls that yield you the most to least $ANIMA:

  • Kimekomi Doll gives you 5,000 $ANIMA
  • Rag Doll gives you 1,000 $ANIMA
  • Gosho Nigyo gives you 500 $ANIMA
  • Okagiari Doll gives you 100 $ANIMA
  • Daruma Doll gives you 10 $ANIMA

[fs-toc-h2]Food Offerings

Previously know as "Rune Chips", the new food offerings have different ceremonial significance representing various aspects of the Bon Odori Festival. The rarity of the Guardian you receive is influenced by the ceremonial levels of your chosen offerings. A more meaningful combination results in rarer Guardians. Here's the list of offerings ranked from highest to lowest ceremonial value:

  • Shinto Shinsen has the best ceremonial level
  • Obon Feast has great ceremonial level
  • Izakaya Meal has good ceremonial level
  • Rakugan Sweets has common ceremonial level
  • Cucumber Eggplant has basic ceremonial level


Previously known as "Scrolls", the new boosters are unique characters donned in traditional festival attire. You can combine these boosters with your food offerings above, they enhance food offerings by infusing them with their vibrant energy. This energy boost increases your chance of claiming a rarer Guardian. Here's the list of Boosters, ranked from highest to lowest boosting power:

  • Kimono Booster gives you highest boost
  • Yukata Booster gives you medium boost
  • Taiko Booster gives you lowest boost


Previously known as "Giftbox", the new Bonbox is a giftbox teeming with excitement and unexpected rewards. Upon opening, you might disccover NFTs or extraordinary experiences waiting just for you. The Bonbox offers two distinct categories of prizes:

  • Supernova NFTs or NFTs from other NFT collections.
  • Uncover the Odori Adventure (previously known as Sakura), your passport to the heart of Japan. With flights, accommodations, and spending money all included, Kasagi is eager to immerse you in Japan's unique culture!


Experience the thrill of surprise with Kasagi's random merchandise gifts! These can be claimed immediately or saved for the future, all through our Discord.