In this recap, we provide an overview of Kasagi's recent townhall meeting, highlighting critical updates and developments. From team expansion to engaging community events like Otaku Week, and strategic growth in various sectors, the focus is on Kasagi's commitment to innovation and community collaboration within the anime industry.

[fs-toc-h2]Kasagi Team Expansion

Kasagi proudly announces the addition of key members to the leadership team: Shn Juay as COO, Ricky Ow as President of Kasagi Labo, and Tony Izumi as CEO of Kasagi Labo Japan. Shn, Ricky, and Tony are joining us full-time in the coming weeks, injecting fresh energy, creativity, and expertise into our team. Their diverse experiences and deep knowledge in their respective fields promise to drive Kasagi's growth and success to new heights.

Kasagi Team Expansion

Shn Juay - Chief Operating Officer / COO [🔗LinkedIn]

We are thrilled to welcome Shn Juay as our new Chief Operating Officer. Shn's rich history includes working at iCandy Interactive Limited and engaging with everything from traditional gaming to the new world of Web 3.0 games. Her expertise in business development and experience with brands in the metaverse is impressive. Shn's work as former CEO of Paktor, where she scaled the business into seven Asian markets, and her advisory role on gamification and brand engagement, will bring valuable insights to our operations.

Ricky Ow - President of Kasagi Labo [🔗LinkedIn]

Joining us as the President of Kasagi Labo, Ricky Ow brings a real mix of innovation and leadership to the table. His background includes partnering with Venture Capital firms, founding RJ Int'l, and serving as the President of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks in Asia Pacific. Ricky's unparalleled experience in investing in new IP, developing new markets, launching local channels, and scaling non-traditional revenue sources is a testament to his abilities. Ricky's investment in new IPs, channel launches, and successful productions, coupled with his belief in Asian content and community contribution, resonates with our mission.

Tony Izumi - CEO of Kasagi Labo Japan [🔗LinkedIn]

Last but not least, Tony Izumi has stepped in as the new CEO of Kasagi Labo Japan. A veteran in anime production and licensing in Japan, Tony has even pioneered anime production in China. He founded MADHOUSE studio in Beijing, and his experience in animation, IP development, and character licensing will be a great asset to our company.

[fs-toc-h2]Gachapon Season 2

Kasagi is ushering in a revamped version of the Gachapon with Season 2, set to launch in the coming month. Previously known as "Starcrane Gachapon" and utilizing "Prime Crystals" and "Raw Crystals" as the raffle tickets, this new iteration will feature "Prime Lantern" and "Raw Lantern," working in the same way but offering a refreshed experience. Lanterns can be won in Discord events or minted on the website, and triggering a special performance in the Bon Odori will lead to winning rewards. While all the old rewards maintain their original functions, they are being completely reimagined with new looks, and additional prizes are being added to the prize pool. The user interface is also being entirely revamped to align with the Bon Odori events, creating a more unique and engaging look for rewards. Season 2 will last a few months, ensuring fans won't miss out on this new Gachapon!

Bon Odori Gachapon Event

[fs-toc-h2]Kasagi Businesses

Kasagi Labo Group will continue to spearhead international deals and business development. The establishment of Kasagi Labo Japan will centralize efforts on deals focused on the Japanese market, offering a concerted approach to the specific needs and opportunities of the region. In the continued pursuit of innovation and engagement, Kasagi is fostering strategic growth in anime production with Kasagi Labo, enhancing fan experiences through the upcoming Bon Odori Gachapon Season 2 and Supernova Rebirth, and addressing the global demand for high-quality official anime merchandise.

Kasagi Businesses

Kasagi Studio's Anime Production and Licensing

Kasagi Labo is excited to welcome Tony, a new team member tasked with leading our anime production and IP licensing efforts in Japan. As we build something unique and special in the Japanese market, Tony stands at the forefront, actively assembling a team dedicated to advancing anime production and licensing.

Kasagi's NFT Focus

As we prepare for the launch of Bon Odori Gachapon Season 2, our focus also extends to the upcoming Supernova Rebirth for Male Supernovas. This exciting feature allows Supernova owners to upgrade their NFT with new traits. It's a personalized transformation that adds another layer of engagement and uniqueness to your Supernova experience. But that's not all! Our staking mechanism is also in the final stages of development. Keep all your Supernovas staked, as we are planning a raffle once the staking mechanism is live. Days staked before this feature goes live will also be considered in the raffle, so there's more reason to be excited about what lies ahead. Our B2C initiatives signify a renewed focus on delivering unique and engaging experiences for our community, setting the stage for innovative advancements in the world of anime.

Merchandise Expansion

Our merchandise team at Kasagi Studio is tirelessly working to bridge a gap that has long been felt in the international anime community. Crafting merchandise that resonates with anime fans across the globe is not just a challenge but a significant experience for us. While Japan offers a plethora of engaging and quality merchandise, the international scene tells a different story. High-quality official anime merchandise is scarce, leaving fans with limited access to authentic products. This has led to a missed opportunity where a vast majority of fans have no choice but to settle for pirated items. Recognizing this void, Kasagi Studio is committed to changing this narrative. By providing accessible, high-quality official products, we aim to satisfy the demand of international fans and contribute to the authenticity and integrity of the anime industry. Our initiative marks a promising step toward tapping into this global expansion opportunity, and we believe it's a vital part of our mission to transform the anime landscape.

[fs-toc-h2]Otaku Week (July 31st to August 7th)

Kasagi is excited to launch Otaku Week, the first major Interact-to-win event of the season, running from July 31st to August 7th. In collaboration with the Isekai Meta community, this special week-long event consists of five unique sub-events, offering a chance for anime enthusiasts to engage, compete, and celebrate their passion. Since major events like this are now held only once a month, we strongly encourage all holders to seize this exclusive opportunity. Joining Otaku Week will not only let you aim for the top of the leaderboard, win NFTs, but also foster connections within the broader otaku community.

Otaku Event
Anime Metaverse x Isekai Meta

Closing Remarks

This townhall meeting outlined key initiatives and updates, reflecting a focused path forward. With the addition of experienced leadership team members and the unveiling of Otaku Week, the emphasis is on enhancing both internal capabilities and community engagement. The launch of Gachapon Season 2, expansion into the Japanese market, and developments in anime production and licensing further demonstrate Kasagi's commitment to delivering value and connecting with fans of anime. Stay tuned for our latest updates and join us for the next townhall session on Discord on August 31st. Along with great discussions, holders have a chance to win an NFT in our monthly raffle. See you there!