One of the core missions of Kasagi has always been to bring web3 ownership and innovation to the anime industry. This would provide fans a new, enriching experience and integrate them into the progression and growth of their favorite manga and anime. In order to educate fans and introduce Kasagi, it was very important that we organize our outreach efforts at live anime conventions. Prior to mint, our Festival Committee began researching various avenues for us to follow. 

Anime Expo 2022 in Los Angeles was the perfect stage post mint as they reopened after two years due to the pandemic. It is home to the biggest anime convention in North America with over 200,000 attendees across four days, and it took place just one month after our mint. Kasagi has always operated with the motto of “built by the community, for the community," hence why the planning and execution was done by our very own holders in our Festival Committee. Though some members attended our holders’ dinner during NFT NYC the week prior, the convention was also unique as it was the first time that the collective group had the opportunity to meet our founders and each other in person. After countless hours in chat and VC, it was quite a natural transition as if we had known one another for months. The tremendous, collective effort in organizing and meticulously planning the event for over two months made for a successful execution.

We had one of the biggest booths so we made sure to utilize all of the space. We wanted to make a strong presence as the first and only web3 company at the convention. It was important for us to make a lasting impression and build connections, not only with attendees, but also to anime brands that were present at the venue. People were quite receptive of the art for Soulmates we had on display and about the vision of the company. Many attendees were also drawn to our gacha style claiming for our merchandise. 

Shinka is giving a speech to the attendees.

Days went on and we were able to showcase our plans for the anime industry and made connections with some notable people in the anime industry and IP distributors. The holders did an incredible job in representing Kasagi and articulating our mission. We even had our founder, Kendrick, share a panel with a major executive from a well known streaming brand and discussed the anime industry's projection and future.

It was truly a joy sharing the experience with the rest of our community members as they all took part in our discord events and tuned in to live updates during the convention. It was the next big step for Kasagi at that time and we are glad to have made it this far. 

Now, our next stop is Anime Japan! Exciting times ahead.

The Kasagi Festival Committee, with a focus on community involvement, successfully executed their plan to make their presence felt in the Los Angeles anime convention. Kasagi has showcased its plans for the anime industry in their booth, which was one of the biggest at the venue. With the help of the event, the company was able to make connections with notable people in the anime industry and IP distributors. The event not only left a lasting impression on attendees but also successfully connected Kasagi to the anime industry at large.