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Featured Anime

Kasagi collaborates with top Japanese industry professionals to produce original anime series. Along with this, we are actively exploring opportunities to acquire existing IPs to our lineup. We aim to create content that not only speaks to the heart of anime fans but also upholds industry standards.

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Physical Merchandise

Kasagi is dedicated to producing officially licensed and genuine anime merchandise. For us, it's not just about merchandise, it's about crafting pieces that truly resonate deeply with anime fans.

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Kasagi's talented artists are at the heart of our unique manga and short stories, bringing our original IPs to life. We believe in diversifying the anime landscape and offering fresh, unique narratives.

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Music & Animation

Kasagi delves into the music domain, from crafting lo-fi beats to future collaborations with artists and studios. Our goal is to offer anime fans a fresh perspective on anime-style music, providing tunes they can enjoy even outside of their anime-watching moments.

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In Person Events

Kasagi hosts events that bridge the gap between fans and the anime world. These events serve as a nexus for global fan engagement and industry networking, furthering the growth and reach of anime on a global scale.

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Anime News & Events

Kasagi offers insights into the anime industry, ensuring anime fans are always in the loop. From the latest trending news and developments to comprehensive coverage of physical events and industry insights, we strive to be the go-to source for all things anime.

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Our vision at Kasagi is to publish and distribute anime and manga globally by building interactive and unique experiences for anime fans to engage with.

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